EchinoDB is a database consisting of orthologous and alignable next-generation transcriptome data. EchinoDB is an effort of the Echinoderm Tree of Life Project (Echinotol) for a better understanding of the phylum Echinodermata through paleontology, genomics, informatics, developmental biology, anatomy, and phylogenetics. The Echinotol project focuses on the development of an echinoderm phylogeny using genomic data to place Echinodermata within the tree of life. The EchinoDB helps to sharpen this focus through the identification of alignable orthologs for phylogenetic analysis.

In many studies focused on using transcriptomics to reconstruct phylogenetic tree, most of the RNA-Seq data are filtered and do not end up in a matrix for phylogenetic tree search. However the filtered data can be valuable for other purposes such as developmental biology, gene family studies, and ideas that will come from the community. Thus we make much of our transcriptome data freely available via EchinoDB. The data can be accessed via text or sequence similarity searches.